Are we all Poets?!


Poetry is something we all have, it comes hand in hand with our emotions. Happiness, sadness, anger and pretty much every emotion you can think of. So why can only some of us express these poetic lines that form in our minds when we have the time to sit and reflect? Whilst others cannot or don’t realise they can?

Are we all poets?

This question has been on my mind for a while. When thinking about styles of poetry it almost so very straight forward to call anyone a poet. For example a metaphor could be perceived as a very basic form of poetry e.g. ‘Her mood was like the storm outside, unforgiving.’ Even something this basic creates an image in our minds. Poems are a collection of words that project an image with few or many words.

Some of us take naturally to poetry, is this because we are more in touch with our emotion, expression or both?  Or is is it because we cannot express our feelings in a normal conversation?

So are we all poets? In my opinion yes, we are all poets but some of us are being poetic unintentionally through the use of emotion. Where as others think poetically and see things in a poetic light. Revealing that poets feel the need to capture memories, sights, sounds and emotions in the lines of a poem as a form of expression or remembrance.

© Poetry Phenomenon 2014


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