Central Library Poetry Reading Group.


DSC_0219Today I had the great opportunity to visit The Central Library Poetry Reading Group. Each member read a poem of their choice, which was then discussed further once it had been read.

I found the experience lovely, everyone was friendly and made my time at the group really enjoyable. The range of poem styles that were read, intrigued me greatly.

Reading groups are just as fascinating as reciting groups, bringing popular poets to the attention of those that enjoy poetry. From my point of view today a few poets have been mentioned that I will be looking at. Reading groups broaden interest and awareness of poetry and think that’s really key in keeping poetry alive.DSC_0227


The poems read:

To an Old Philosopher in Rome – 1954 – By Wallace Stevens

Epilogue of Haworth Churchyard – 1855 – By Matthew  Arnold

The Deserted Village – 1728-1774 – By Oliver Goldsmith

Afterwards – By Thomas Hardy

I, Being Born a Woman and Distressed – 1892 – 1950 – By Edna Millay

Each of these poems read were historically old, but still had great depth of meaning and touched upon things that can in some cases be related to. Such as death, lust, loss, etc.


I just want to say a massive thank you to the entire group for a wonderful afternoon.

Please check out their blog – http://towerandfountainpoetry1.wordpress.com/

© Poetry Phenomenon 2014


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