How to connect with your Poem

This is really helpful exercise, clearly planning out the structure a poem with questions works really well in creating a direction for a poem.

Preforming is always quite a big deal to the majority of artists so by practicing by conversing the poem, sounds like a great way to remember line as well as acting like the audience are people you know.

This sounds perfect for beginners as well as those that want to brush up on their poetry skills. Awesome stuff!

The MOUTHY Poets blog

With all the work we have been doing on our poems after the past few months, a few of us are feeling a bit disconnected with what they are really about. On Friday Anne got us to really have a good think about our poems and reconnect with them. The closer we feel to what we’re saying, the more likely it is that our personalities and thoughts will shine through.

So, when trying to connect with the essence of your poem, ask yourself these questions:

1)      Who is the character in your poem?

2)      How old is he/she?

3)      What is their favourite item of clothing?

4)      What item does he/she always carry in his/her pocket?

5)      What is his/her special talent/skill?

6)      What is his/her greatest fear?

7)      What is his/her greatest hope?

8)      Who is your character talking to?

9)      What does the addressee look like?

10)   How…

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