The MOUTHY Poets Blog

Mouthy Poets is an awesome blog, with several members updating the blogs content. The blog seems to be a community of poets/bloggers coming together with brilliant fresh posts. The range of posts including, poems, poets, discussion and a lot more. There’s a combination of fun, serious and educational style posts, which I personally think is a really great way to interest a wide range of people, style and age wise. The posts are quite long but broken down into short paragraphs making each post easier to follow.

I thought the personal feel of the blog has been well thought out, it’s almost like the posts are personally for you. The blog is really hooked up to social media site which is important for gaining popularity. The use of facebook and twitter combined shows a huge support for The MOUTHY Poets. I think this blog starts on a level with people, tending to several different types of poetic ability, as well as considering professionalism with a hint of fun.

I found this blog really inspiring; it is well worth a look.





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