Poems, Pics and Vids

Poetry as a written piece to read alone is often interpreted in our minds, we visualise what we are reading as we follow the narrative of the poem. The thing about reading is, every single one of us is likely to read and interpret a poem in a different way to how it was read and intended to be perceived. Something that I think helps with helping readers interpret poems is visual based content like, photos and videos. It is easier for someone to visualise the narrative of a poem by seeing clips or photos that relate.

The idea of using multimedia to boost understanding and interest, it shows adaption. I would say the majority of popular poets out there that have a sufficient fan base, have published, CD’s, uploaded performance videos or have experimented with audio overlaying a video that relates to their poem topic.

This poems, pics and vids approach works well especially sharing online; it has become rather successful especially on social media site. This is because hardly anybody has time to read a long block text poem, but they do have time to watch and listen. There is a notion that as time has gone on we have become impatient, we want everything instantly with minimal effort. I personally think that’s why these poetry videos have accrued and I’m sure there are others that also think this.

We are in the digital age everyone is hooked up to continuous flowing material; it’s easy for us to find anything, anywhere at any time.  It’s all about exposure, a lot of videos based on poems will show a poet performing, this makes viewers feel connected visually and emotionally, this is because we can hear their voice, the tone, the narrative and its intentions. We can also see the poet, we can read their body language, we feel like we are on the same level, I’m a person and so is he/she. Poetry has broken this boundary of paper and books; it has started to feed our visual cravings.

Poetry will never ever become just an online source but I think that videos, audio and images will get more and more integrated in to poetry online. Which over time could boost some more interest, poetry performance is very popular in America currently, there is movement here in the UK, events are held and videos do go viral, the exposure is present but the popularity is lacking. The more these videos circulate, the number of views will rise, which at a steady pace should show a rise in popularity.

© Poetry Phenomenon 2014


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