This blog is a little insight into the diverse world of poetry. It’s a wonderful place filled with emotion and context it’s how we live, the things we do, how and why we feel the way we do. All wrapped up on a page or through a series of verbally spoken lines. Here you will find the poets that have influenced and inspired me, their poems and some of my own poetry. There’s a lot to be said about poetry and not everyone shares the same opinion, all I will say is there isn’t one person that can say they cannot relate to some poem, somewhere out there.

Poetry is a form of literature that has been used throughout history, recently it is clear that although people do write, speak and publish poetry, it is not as popular as it used to be. This blog was created to look into the world of poetry, what it is, where it started and how far it has come. More importantly how has it changed? Here you will find poems from famous poets and poets from under the radar, I will be looking into their work, comparing them and analysis parts of their poems.


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